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Abdominal Routine to Hypertrophy Your Anadrol Middle Area

This type of training is indicated for those who want muscle hypertrophy , that is, an increase in muscle mass.

This abdominal routine is not only geared towards bodybuilding , but it is also very indicated for those people who have good muscle definition (little fat) but whose abdomen lacks that muscular volume so that it stands out in their figure.

For Anadrol, it is necessary to handle high work intensities, handle high loads. For this reason, the abdomen must be strong enough to perform this "natural corset" function to stabilize the spine, in this way we can pull hard and also avoid possible injuries.

For example, when doing a squat, the abdominal muscles do an important job, they contract, increasing the intra-abdominal pressure , thus stabilizing the spine and protecting the lower back from possible overloads. A person with lack of strength in the muscles of the abdomen and who executes high training loads, the load is diverted
to other much weaker or delicate structures such as the lumbar spine and hip, appearing problems of herniated discs, anteversion of the hip, etc. .

Muscle growth as a goal

Sometimes we worry excessively in the muscular development of the biceps, pectoral, etc. and not using the same effort on other muscles, ending up developing unproportioned bodies. The abdomen is one of those muscle groups that we do not train with sufficient intensity according to the rest of the body.

Therefore, it is about training it with high loads to stimulate muscle growth .

At this point there is a great myth, which we already saw in previous chapters, and it is the idea that the abdomen hypertrophies growing and bulging forward, leaving a prominent belly aspect. This does not happen with the abdomen, as we said that the arrangement of the muscle fibers of the abdomen does not favor its transverse development.

What abdominal exercises to use

It should work with high intensity and small volume. In other words, few repetitions and great intensity, the same treatment of submaximal loads as any other muscle group with a goal of hypertrophy.

Choose exercises where high intensities are allowed to be used. It is very useful to select exercises on pulleys and anadrol.

Do not overtrain it, it is a muscle group like any other. It will be enough to work in this way 2 times a week, no more. We have already said that the abdomen is a stabilizing and fixing muscle, therefore, when performing other strength exercises such as squats, triceps pulley, pull-over, etc. the abdomen remains intensely contracted isometrically, therefore indirectly it already receives a little more load.

Training example

A well-known Spanish bodybuilder, Jaime Atienza, trains the abdomen with high intensity approximately every 4 days.

Jaime prefers to train him at the end of his routine since if he trains him at the beginning, for the following exercises he will be fatigued and it will be more difficult for him to stabilize the spine in squats, triceps, etc.

For Jaime, the abdominal muscles, being so synergistic , must be "crushed" a lot in order to recruit all their fibers. For this, one of the days includes a training that begins with very intense exercises, moving high loads, and ends with a simple exercise and many repetitions.

In this way, at the beginning it recruits fast fibers and at the end it recruits slow fibers , achieving greater fatigue and muscle stimulation.

Abdomen routine view source by Jaime Atienza 1

  • 1. Shrugs on kneeling pulley : 5 x 15-12-10-8-6

  • 2. Inclined bench hip lift : 4 x 10/8

  • 3. Abdomen in machine (four descending series are performed): 4 x (4 x 8)

Abdomen routine by Jaime Atienza 2

Another routine is one that includes hanging exercises . In this position the abdominal muscles start from a stretched position and the path during contraction is somewhat greater. Jaime likes to locate movement, which is why he is a strong supporter of doing this type of exercise in a very slow and controlled way, avoiding swaying. The last two exercises of this routine, choose one for the obliques and one for the rectum of the abdomen and combine them in superseries.

  • one . Hanging Leg Raise : 5 x 15-12-1 0-8-6

  • 2. V-Shrinks : 4 x 10/8

  • 3. Lateral tilt on pulley in superseries with inverted shrinkage on the ground : 4 x 10 + 10


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